Your New Neighbor

with lots of fresh fish


Succulent Lobsters

grilled to perfection


Scampi at its best

cleaned up with fresh bread



reminiscent of days passed


Exquisite Ambience

with exquisite conversation


We take our line seriously

to deliver the best


Grillfish is a casual, moderately-priced restaurant, specializing in fresh, grilled seafood, unique pastas, exquisite steaks and chops. The “open” kitchen, where flames leap from the grill, creates warmth and intimacy, making this one of the most desirable dining rooms in the Lexington area.

A flair for tails

Signature Favorite

A hint of deco

The Grillfish Story

Meet Ken and Barbara Pittman. Their journey together began in Atlanta 40 years ago. They both walked away from their own careers as they became attracted to the business of restaurants. They worked the bars of Atlanta’s hip restaurants and fell in love with the industry…and fell in love. This was the beginning of a fascinating, rich and successful career… and life together.
In the early 80’s, they migrated to Boston and founded Division Sixteen, which became a legendary restaurant for 20+ years. From Boston, they headed south to hot South Beach where Grillfish was first cast.
So it went…the Pittmans along with their extended restaurant family, traveled from Boston to Miami… back to Boston, where the second Grillfish hit the New England shores… and now they have reeled into Lexington, where the legacy continues.
The Grillfish family have been together for a long time. Ken and Barbara take great pride to cultivate their staff. In fact, many have been with them for well over 20 years including a close family member operating Grillfish Lexington. Not only are Ken and Barbara great to work for, they are loyal, dedicated and passionate about taking care of their staff and additionally passionate about delivering the best of food and service.
Barbara, the Executive Chef for all restaurants, creates all that wonderful Grillfish food and delectable desserts. She continues to reign over everything Grillfish. The late Ken Pittman was the boss and still is as we see it. We still hear his strong southern Alabama drawl splashed with a dose of sarcasm and wit all around us. He was responsible for all things business and all things decorating. He had a unique knack for both.
We truly hope your experience at Grillfish Lexington is truly exceptional.